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Steven Kellenberg, Kellenberg Studio

It was recently announced that Steven Kellenberg, Kellenberg Studio, will be inducted into the California Homebuilding Foundation 2021 Hall of Fame on June 24th. Steven has truly made an impact on the California home building industry over the last 40 years and deserves to be recognized for his many accomplishments.


Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is an honor shared by only the best in homebuilding, who through their actions and commitment to the industry, have been chosen by their peers to receive homebuilding’s highest award.


As an urban planner and designer, Steve has played a key role in some of California’s largest, most innovative and successful development projects and held senior executive positions with some of California’s most well-known developers including the Irvine Company, Phillips, Brandt and Reddick and EDAW/AECOM.


Steve has shared his experience and knowledge of the homebuilding industry over the last 20 years by teaching the USC Master of Real Estate Development program, teaching the interface of market, finance and design, as well as, co-authoring three books with ULI and Harvard University.


For more details on Steven Kellenberg, Kellenberg Studio or the California Homebuilding Foundation’s Hall of Fame, please click here

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