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Five years with the redevelopment acquisition team of the Irvine Company has taught many lessons: the need for a "density delta" that offsets the loss of revenue-producing assets, generating density with affordable building types and creating ‘complete communities’, are but a few. Of greatest value is bringing tested new community design principles into the redevelopment space; allowing differentiation in a crowded and competitive market. 


Santa Clara Square

Developed by the Irvine Company with Steve Kellenberg as SVP Director of Planning and key urban designer for the project, the 85 acre project in the Great America Corridor of Santa Clara constituted the largest mixed use redevelopment project constructed to date in the city.


San Jose MXD

While at the Irvine Company, Steve managed the planning for this 60 acre parcel in the heart of Silicon Valley.  As Transit Oriented Development it was important to find the highest density and land use mix supportable by the market.  Innovations included combining a specialty market with a cinema/entertainment complex and micro-housing units.


Marina Bay

The 1,100 acre Marina Bay project is the largest urban redevelopment project in Southeast Asia.  AECOM was selected to prepare a refined master plan and a next-generation sustainability program and strategy. 


China Peak Mountain Resort

The redevelopment and intensification of this regional ski resort in northern California required working within a complex set of constraints while achieving a level-of-magnitude lift in the resorts build-out retail and room count.  A ‘village’ concept was developed to create an engaging place, visitor experience and 365 day resort experience. 


South Coast Metro

A key opportunity for regeneration in central Orange County is the 40 acre Flower St parcel adjacent to South Coast Plaza. Feasibility and yield studies were prepared to test next-gen retail, creative office and micro-housing concepts.


Hoag Hospital Master Plan

Exploration of major expansion of Hoag Hospital and related clinical office space was the subject of the planning exercise.  Properties adjacent to the hospital might become available in which case a major campus expansion could possibly be pursued.


Honda Center Redevelopment

The largest redevelopment project in Orange County, the Honda Center sports, and entertainment complex links the existing Honda Center arena with the ARTIC regional transportation hub.  Over 400k SF of retail, F&B, live performance and entertainment are combined into a high energy walking district linked by a High Line bridging concept.

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