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Conservation Development

Since the Second World War we have unwittingly separated man from nature, driven by an expediency for built efficiency and an under- appreciation the role natural plays in human health and wellness. Conservation Development is a model for development based on the hypothesis that ecologically sensitive land can be developed in a manner that provides housing but leaves the land better than that prior to development; on the surface an oxymoron. But by sensitively locating home sites based on good science, limiting their footprint and establishing a long term land management plan in concert with a third party land trust, this hypothesis can be proven. 

striped rock ranch 1.JPG

Striped Rock Ranch

Principal-in-Charge for the creation of a 450-acre conservation easement 40 miles from Yosemite Park. The Ranch contains nine home sites as well as an active wildlife and habitat preserve within a 350-acre Core Preserve composed of woodlands, pasturelands, and monumental rock outcroppings namely the landmark of Striped Rock.


Trabucco Preserve

A 524 acre Conservation Development outside of the historic town of Mariposa in the Sierra Nevada foothills. It consists of four 40-80 acre ranchettes and the 324 acre Mt Bullion Ranch.  

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