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New Communities

A difference exists between building large tracts of commodity housing and "authentic community".  Both are necessary for a “perfect economy”, that is, meeting the housing needs of all.  The latter however tends to be in short supply due to the extra time, effort and cost involved.  It has been proven however, that such investments do pay, if undertaken with serious research, thought and a process that digs deep into user needs and preferences. This page illustrates several communities that have found their stride in strong consumer acceptance, positive impact on quality of life and strong economic performance. 

ladera ranch aerial3.jpg

Ladera Ranch

Principal-in-Charge for the sustainable master plan for award winning 4,000 acre, mixed land use, six village master planned community incorporating various traditional neighborhood design techniques into a high-velocity, primary housing market.



Principal-in-Charge for the development of mixed-use community master plan for 8,800-acre site including a 450-acre Town Center, four to six golf courses, over 900 acres of parks and open space, and approximately 10,000 housing units.


Monrovia Nursery

The 424 acre redevelopment project Monrovia Nursery in Azusa, California, a first-ring city in Los Angeles County had at its core a mixed use transit oriented district.  Being on the Gold Line light rail system, the albeit suburban context allowed a modest intensification of density and the addition of retail to create a walkable, service-oriented core.



Theoretical model for town of

50,000 based on goal of ‘Complete

Community’ with focus on maximum sense of community and social interaction.

Diyar Al Muharraq1.png

Diyar Al Muharraq

The master plan for the 2,500 acre new city off the coast of Bahrain is anchored by two urban cores.  The North Core was primarily residential in character organized around a pedestrian Corniche, harbor and mixed use promenade.

Diyar Al Muharraq-town-center.jpg

Campbell Ranch

The 25,000 acre Campbell Ranch, strategically located between Albequrque and Santa Fe, New Mexico, will be the largest new community in the region with over half of its lands dedicated to open space conservation. 


Wood Ranch

This rolling 600 acre ranch was acquired by Daybreak Communities with Kellenberg Studio retained to explore a conceptual master plan. Linked open space networks allowed internal connectivity, storm water treatment  and extensive trail system in creating a hybrid new urbanist plan form.

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