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Santa Clara Square

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Timeframe: 2013– 2016

Consultant: Multiple

Status: Under Construction

SK Role: Consultant Direction,

Concepting, Agency Interface


Developed by the Irvine Company with Steve Kellenberg as SVP Director of Planning and key urban designer for the project, the 85 acre project in the Great America Corridor of Santa Clara constituted the largest mixed use redevelopment project constructed to date in the city. 


With over 1.7 million square feet of office, 165,000 square feet of retail and over 2,000 apartments, the master plans primary challenge was maintaining the integrity and market acceptance of each use while creating an engaging mixed use, walkable district. 


Innovations included a mixed use Main Street with apartments over retail, a central plaza for programmed events and social interaction, a hybrid retail design which met the surface parking criteria of major tenants while minimizing it’s urban design impacts and creating a pedestrian ‘promenade’ which linked the retail to housing and a variety of open space and amenity elements. 


The project is nearing completion with high levels of leasing occupancy. 

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